A marble is a simple glass object used to play a game, but at SMC marbles are representative of something much bigger than a game – they represent life. You see, the average human lives 70 years. That seems like a long time until you realize, that’s only 3640 weeks or 864 months. If you focus on how those 864 months are lived, statistics say you will have a more fulfilled life. And who doesn’t want to come to the end of life with great things accomplished?

But let’s take this conversation to an even deeper place. We know that most people grow up to be adults, and many even become parents. Each day the current generation of adults works to make the world a better place for the next generation. And for thousands of years, it’s worked that way.

But what if we did it better? I mean a lot better?

What if we took a holistic look at life and prepared the next generation for every aspect of living as thriving adults? What if we made intentional investments so they could live fuller and more meaningful lives than any generation that ever came before them?

Those investments could multiply their sphere of influence and if we teach them to influence with intentionality, then they will pass that on to the next generation and the next as well.

So what does that look like?

Helping a child to follow Jesus is the first step to having a truly fulfilled life. Without Jesus, none of this life matters. So we have to begin there.

Secondly, we have to recognize that the time we have available to shape the next generation is just 936 weeks long. That’s how long it is between birth and age 18. Some might argue that we have even less time than that.

What if we emotionally invested in our kids in that 936 weeks?

What if we became intentional about our conversations, our outings, our entertainment, our vacations, our drive time, our mealtime, and even our church time? What if we made sure that we actually spent time every single day being intentional and not just feeling around in the dark hoping we make it to 18 without a major catastrophe on our hands?

Marbles is a series of parenting cues that are created by people who’ve been there before. Some of us have done some things right, and some of us have learned through the really tough experiences we’ve survived. But by the grace of God, we have all lived to see another day and we’re here to tell about it.

We think there is powerful influence in parents sharing their stories with one another, praying for each other, sharing scripture, and investing in one another along the journey. If we can share insight and express those “If I could tell my younger-self something important” moments of life, we will grow together and we might just have an opportunity to invest more wisely in a child we have been entrusted with.

Kids grow through lots of stages and we know that different phases along the way can throw different parents for a loop. We’ll organize our Marbles in a way that you can search through the topics and discover wisdom in these pages.

As we take this journey, we encourage you to find a marble to put in your pocket so you will be reminded of the conversation we’ve had this week. We’ll keep providing resources to help your marbles stretch just a little bit more, and equip you to make it through each phase in a way that directs your kid toward Jesus. We know that if you do, you’ll experience a win in your home, in yourself, and in your child. But more than anything, you’ll experience a win in the scope of eternity – and that’s what really matters most.

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