Your parenting style expresses who you are and the decisions you’ve made. Why do you show that style in this way?

Grandparents Day

On this Grandparent’s Day – consider the relationship your kids have with your parents.

How Consistent Is Your Consistency?

Do you stick with your discipline modes? Do you have to remind your kids that you just warned them not to continue with their current behavior? What could change this cycle?

Who Is Talking To Your Kid?

Have you ever considered what other people are saying to your child? Are you being intentional about who your child regards highly enough to accept their advice?

2017 School Year Challenge

School has just started, how’s it going? Are you ready to help your kids grow to their fullest potential this year?

Got Wisdom?

When is the perfect time to teach your child? In helping our kids to be thriving adults, what skills and wisdom do they need today that will influence their future?

The Family That Serves Together

What happens when families serve together? What examples can fathers set for their children? Imagine the implications of teaching your kids about compassion through first-hand experience. What’s holding you back?

Feeling Helpless

Some things we face as parents are really big, even if others don’t see the enormous weight we are carrying. That’s when we find ourselves feeling helpless. -By Sarah Turner

Too Independent For God

Is it possible to be too busy for God? Is it crazy to think that giving up control to God could change the way you live? Just what might that look like?

Social Media Parenting

Sharing your best moments on Facebook has become a common practice of parents around the world. How does your family stack up?

Meaningful Awards

It’s that time of year when children are finishing up the school year, you’re attending final concerts and gathering for awards ceremonies. Here’s a little perspective in for those moments. – By Sarah Turner

Honor – A Mother’s Day Conversation

There are many holidays in our calendar with honor as the underlying emphasis. Consider how the celebration of a day could be a teachable moment in your home.

Super Mom

Dispelling the Myth

–One VERY deep breath at a time.

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The time we have available to shape the next generation is just 936 weeks long…

The Story of a Trampoline

Have you kids ever asked you for something beyond your budget? How have you managed the conversation? See how four resourceful kids moved beyond the limitations presented to them.

Broken Hearted Kids

Sin is part of the world we live in, as parents, helping our kids navigate toward Jesus and away from sin can be a challenge.